Personalized Tire Thumper

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Checking the air pressure in your tires has never been so satisfying! If you hear a deep "Thump" as you hit the tire, you know you're good to go! Our tire thumpers are milled in Northeast Arkansas. Our thumpers are made for maximum strength so you can THUMP with confidence.

Give your thumper a personal touch with FREE PERSONAL ENGRAVING - just upload your graphic below!

Measures 1.75”x18”- A perfect length to fit under your seat or in the trunk!

These make great corporate gifts too!

✅ 100% Made in the USA
✅ Easy Travel Size
✅ Discount for bulk orders
✅ Also serves as a fish bat, self defense stick, and a threat for the kids fussing in the back seat! (not recommended)

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