Single Handed Book Holder

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Hand crafted wooden book holder which slips onto your thumb allowing single handed easy and effortless holding of your favorite book. No more tired thumb and pinky and sore wrists.

Our book holder comes standard with a 3/4" smooth bored hole but we offer a smaller and larger size as well! The 'wing' measures (approx) 3/4" x 3.5". This size works to eliminate the natural twist that occurs on thinner holders and the 3.5" length allows the book to remain open wider for easier reading.

These are meticulously crafted of the highest quality woods and finished to a smooth finish. No two will ever be the same and each is an impeccable work of art. This is the perfect gift for that special book worm and is excellent for taking to church to hold open the prayer hymnal books or while reading your favorite book at the library, coffee shop or anywhere else. Fits perfectly in your pocket or purse.
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