Hand Forged Cheese Slicer

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This is a Hand Forged Cheese Slicer Made by hand with hammer and anvil. It will last a very long time.

It is made by heating 5/16 steel rod up to a bright orange heat. This is done in a coal fire. Then while hot the ends are tapered to a point at the anvil. The next step is to form the ring for what will become the handle. It is bent around a jig while hot. The twisted handle is made by clamping in a vise and using a pipe in the ring to twist the handle. The "tines" are then spread and formed. I use an electric grinder with a wire wheel to clean off all forging scale. Then the cheese slicer is once again heated and cooking oil is applied while the steel is hot. This allows the oil to penetrate the metal and makes the cheese slicer somewhat rust resistant. The last step is to wire it up. We use stainless steel wire for this.

Care and Maintenance:
NOT dishwasher safe.
Wipe wire off after use.
Maintain and care for as you would an iron skillet.

Measures approximately 5-5 1/2 inches wide and 7 1/2 inches long. Each slicer will vary because of the handmade nature.
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