Shabbat Light Angel

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This hand cut wooden Angel is sculpted and shaped to look like a floating Angel. It is cut from solid woods, then sanded and polished to a radiant sheen. The solid brass candle holders and drip rings protect the Angel from hot wax that may inadvertently drip. The candle holder and drip rings are removable.

The Light Angel can be personalized in a number of ways. Please contact us to discuss personalized or custom options!

There are a variety of woods available and that changes all the time. Always in abundance is Cedar, Oak, Cherry or Walnut.

The Light Angel measures 7.5”x5.5”x1.75” and is 100% made in our workshop in Arkansas.

Included on the underside is the Shabbat Prayer in Hebrew, phonetic English and English laser etched.

These make great house gifts, Bar or Bat Mitzva, or wedding gifts.

Give the gift of light. Our Shabbat Light Angels hold the Lord’s Light.
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